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A Reset on Our Mission and Purpose

Sep 5, 2019

In some places around the world, September marks the time we send our kids back to school, and it’s almost as much the “new year” as it is every January 1. It’s a time to start fresh and renew your goals. Though Ugandan schools run on a different term schedule, it seems very fitting for us at HACF that we share with you how we are embarking on this new year ahead of us.

As it says in the title of our newsletter, we’ve had a reset on our mission and purpose. The two trips I’ve made to the USA over this past year have helped me clarify what HACF is really about and what our true purpose and calling is. There are so many issues I’ve wanted to address in our country, it’s been hard to know how we can address them and have actual impact for the long term.

Through many discussions, meetings, and prayer times, I’ve come to the conclusion that if we want that kind of impact, we have to change the culture – and that is a tall order to fill.

I believe the best way we can do that is through education, and to start with the youngest children eligible to go to school. The fact of the matter is that Uganda has seen generations upon generations of children raising children–and very few people are getting what they need to become whole, healthy, productive adults. What we need for real cultural transformation is for the next generation to grow up with solid, healthy foundations.

That is why we have solidified this as our mission: to provide children with good education and the tools they need to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy.

Our school will be called Foundations Preparatory School, and right now, we are pulling together a team of education experts from across the globe to create a custom curriculum to meet the unique needs of our children.

We have secured a 13-acre plot of land in Iganga, about 40 minutes from our home base in Bujagali, and will be using that land to build our school and cultivate a small farm to help sustain our mission and organization. We’ve put down a sizable percentage already, but we will ultimately need $20,000 USD for full ownership and rights over the land.

As an organization, HACF has now established a solid, multi-national leadership team and also come under the financial umbrella of Joyland Church in Colorado Springs, CO. Joyland has graciously offered to facilitate receiving and disbursing our donations until such time as we are able to become a fully functioning 501c3 operating out of the United States.

Essentially, we have been busy building our own foundations as an organization and making sure it is rock-solid and able to both  support and sustain the very big mission we have ahead of us.

Of course, we are not and cannot do this by our own strength, power, and resources. We trust the Lord and in His provision, but we need your help and partnership in getting this school off the ground–and that first important step is purchasing our land.

Would you consider making a donation for this purpose? We deeply appreciate and value whatever is on your heart to give. I’m including the donation button, along with my email right here – please drop me a note if you are moved to give, so I can thank you personally.

I praise God for each of you and for His leading. We are so privileged to be a part of His awesome plan for Uganda.

Your friend in the mission,





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