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Donations and Financial Disclosure

As a young organization in Uganda, HACF seeks to operate with complete financial responsibility, integrity, and transparency.

In our home country, we are a registered NGO (non-governmental organization), and we recently registered as a nonprofit in the United States. The name we chose to register under is Global Seeds of Hope Inc.

Previously, Joyland Church, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has generously offered to allow HACF to come under their umbrella by way of their missions/benevolence account, Agape Fellowship, Inc.

Now that we are moving toward a 501(c)3 status in America, all funds given here will go directly to the ministry in Africa.

Thank you for joining us in transforming a nation.


Previous Donors: If you have a recurring donation set up, we ask that you go into your PayPal account and cancel that donation. Then, come here and create a new recurring donation. Your previous donations are going through Joyland Church before coming to HACF. If you create a new donation on this page, it will go directly to HACF. Thank you for your understanding and helping us move forward though taking this extra step.

Make your secure donation here. Thank you so much for your generosity!

“On a daily basis and in every aspect of our lives, we’re presented with opportunities to stand out as children of God or to be subject to the human nature and the weakness of the flesh. Choose to respond as the God-begotten, spirit-being that you are.”

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