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Dear friends and family,

God is good! Already this year is exciting, is it not?

For HACF, it seems we are embarking on a grand adventure. In this next year, we plan on registering as a non-profit, sending a shipping container to Uganda, having our first mission team come over, and finally launching school classes.

Caption: Our kids at a Child Center Day.

Here are our goals for 2021:

  • Register as a non-profit in the United States
  • Prepare the land for use. This means installing electricity, a well, and bathrooms – the bare necessities.
  • Send a shipping container laden with school supplies (children’s books, phonics material, whiteboards, laptops…).
  • Launch a child sponsorship program.
  • Build temporary buildings for the school.
  • Bring our first mission team down to help build school buildings and build stronger relationships with the community.
  • Recruit teachers and share with them our vision for the school.
  • Begin school classes, focusing solely the first year on reading, writing, and speaking English.

Caption: The home of our ministry. Come visit!

Did one of these spark your interest? It could be because we need you.

  • If you want to join us for our mission trip in July…
  • If you have school supplies or want to help gather them for the container. We need childrens’ story books, ABC’s material, pencils and pens, used laptops, whiteboards…
  • If you are a business person and want to partner with us on funding a project (for example, to help with installing the well, Whitaker Oil is donating the profits of water sold at each of their four gas stations)…
  • If you are a kid who wants to make something (bracelets, paintings, whatever you’re good at) and sell it to raise funds for other kids to learn….
  • If you are a teacher or a homeschool graduate who wants to come teach kids how to read and write…
  • If you are a person with experience in any of these things and wants to share with us…
  • If you enjoy writing letters, communicating to people, having folks over for dinner, or spreading the word…
  • If you don’t know what you can do, but want to help
  • If you can pray
  • If you’ve got an idea, but it’s not on this list…

We need YOU. A whole generation in Uganda is going to rise up knowing that God loves them and wants a relationship with them, knowing how to make opportunities in this world, and knowing that they have family who cares.

You can be a part of all of that.

Caption: Just a few of the books given so far to help the kids learn and fall in love with reading. These will be sent in the shipping container later on.

So, contact me.

For those of you who want to pray, please pray that we will have the wisdom and ability to carry out these goals, that we will continue to listen to the Holy Spirit and let him lead, and that he will go before us in every relationship both in Uganda and around the world.

Thank you, friends!

I pray for you, that you would prosper in everything that you set your hand to and that every day your relationship with Jesus would grow deeper.

Grace and peace,

Jennifer Whitaker and Joel Biyinzika

[email protected]

[email protected]

Joel and Jen